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We have had the pleasure of meeting many DISers over the course of our Disney cruises:
(If you don't know what DIS is, it's the www.wdwinfo.com site, which has THE BEST Disney Cruise Line message boards. I post there as "Inkkognito," and I recommend it as THE site to get an answer for virtually any Disney Cruise Line-related question).
Dave from Marietta, guru of the message boards and webmaster of www.dcltribute.com
DIS's own Webmaster John
DIS's Webmaster Michelle, who we met in April 2001 on our "California Adventure."
Dave as DISers see him, courtesy of Werner Weiss:
Find Capt. Henry, at the 5/25/02 Western Castawayclub reception.
From 7/4/02. Camcolt and DH on right, who's on the left?
Camcolt, DH and Captain John 7/6/02
HappyGilmore's group (mom, DH, Capt. John, HappyGilmore) 8/31/02
Tinkercat and DH with Captain John 9/7/02
Towncrier, Ridge Mall DIS meet 10/12/02
Pandy Paws and Glo, Ridge Mall Dis met 10/12/02
Jeepers Lady (Coleen) and Fireplug (Steve), Ridge Mall DIS meet 10/12/02
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