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Click here to see photos of Happy's stretch limo and towncars, which Tony and I have ridden in on so many of our trips.

We have used Happy Limo on our 1/27 and 4/12 trips. We had been planning to try a towncar rather than the bus for a while, and on Disney cruise #14, we finally got around to it. For our 1/27 trip, we took a towncar from Happy, and our driver Kahn was waiting for us as soon as we arrived at the airport. He was standing near the escalators that take you to baggage claim, with our name on a sign. He waited patiently with us, as our airline, ATA, took over 45 minutes to finally produce our luggage. It was nice not to have to wait for a bus after the luggage delay. Instead, we headed right over to the towncar.

The car was a nice, brand-new vehicle, with plush seats and plenty of room. Although you get to see a video on the bus, we liked being able to stretch out in a quiet, private car and nap on the way to the port after our early morning flight. This Disney buses are nice, but they cram as many people on as possible, which means you often have to wait and that you have a good chance ending up in front of kids who will kick your seat the whole way or behind someone who decides to recline their chair (just what you need after an airplane journey!).

It turned out to be a wise idea that we had taken a towncar, as I injured my knee very badly on the cruise (my knee cap popped off) and was in a brace from ankle to thigh. I don't know how I would have crammed it on the bus! Even on the airplane, I took up a row of three seats and sat with my foot in poor hubby's lap. But in the towncar, there was plenty of room for me to stretch out in back while hubby rode up front.

Also, someone in the port took our luggage (they brought it all the way home to Ohio, and we didn't see it again for a couple of weeks). It took forever to search for it and fill out all the paperwork (this, on top of hubby having to push me around in a wheelchair). Kahn was waiting for us patiently--no worries about rushing to the bus. We really enjoyed chatting with him on the drive.

For cruise #15 on 4/12, Happy sent a stretch limo to pick us up at the airport...wow, what a gorgeous vehicle! So cushy and roomy, and it was stocked with pop so we could relax and enjoy a cold drink on the way. This time, we had brought carry-on luggage only, so we were able to hurry to the limo and be one of the first to the port. No worries about waiting until the cruise line bus was filled before leaving!

Happy provides a digital camera so you can snap pictures of your classy ride, and they give them to you on a diskette. We thought this was really a neat little touch. We had a late flight home, so we had a towncar come for us after our cruise and take us to Islands of Adventure after we checked our luggage at the port. Then, the towncar returned to IOA to take us to the airport that evening. The driver was right on time for each leg of our journey, so we managed to prolong our trip a little at IOA before returning to the airport and reality.

We were very pleased with Happy's service for both of our trips, and I would not hesitate to recommend them if you want your own private ride to the port or if you have more than two people in your party (for groups, a towncar or limo is usually cheaper than the bus transfers).

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