Disney Cruise Line Navigators - August 20, 2005 East Bound Repo
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Thanks to "Andrew from the UK" 08/20/2005 "East bound Repo" cruise.
They are sized to print using the print function of Internet Explorer. They are in JPEG format and may not be readable on all monitors. Enjoy! Also, keep in mind that this is meant to be a SAMPLE of what MAY be going on during your cruise. Disney changes the times and activities, so it is likely that your cruise will be somewhat different.

Shore Excursion Form from 2005
Cabo San Lucas Shopping Guide
Acapulco Shopping Guide
Cartagena Info
Day 1 Port of Los Angeles
Day 2 Day at Sea #1
Day 3 Cabo San Lucas
Day 4 Manzanillo
Day 5 Acapulco
Day 6 Day at Sea #2
Day 7 Day at Sea #3

Day 8 Day at Sea #4

Day 9 Panama Canal
Day 10 Day at Sea #5
Day 11 Curaco
Day 12 Day at Sea #6
Day 13 Day at Sea #7
Day 14 Castaway Cay

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