Disney Cruise Line Segway on the Ship

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For a short time this was offerred. Segways are no longer on the Disney ships.

Disney was one of the first to offer ride rentals on "IT", i.e. the Segway . On port days, sea days if the seas were not rough, you could ride it on the sports deck. (Photos "Courtesy of RickW and DanicaW"). When the ship docks at Castaway Cay, DCL has a larger pen set up on the island. The cost was $15 for 15 minutes when we rode in Sept. 2002. It is great fun to ride, the forward/reverse and speed/brakes are controlled with your toes. With the exception of the turning knob on the one handle, the stick has no function.
Danica W. on the sports deck.
Rick W.
Barb and Tony tooling around on Castaway.
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