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Click on the date you wish to view, most current for each cruise is listed first, under the cruise length, scroll down for the complete list.
Special cruises (West Coast, 11 night Wonder) are at the bottom of the list.
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7-Night Western
11/06/2015 Courtesy of "The Blake Family" 7 night Wonder from Galveston
10/23/2015 Courtesy of "The Frace Family" 5 night Magic from Miami
05/24/2014 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family" on the Fantasy with stop in Jamaica
04/13/2013 Courtesy of "The Faletra Family" on the Fantasy
03/23/2013 Courtesy of "The Elpers Family" 6 night Magic from Galveston Texas
02/02/2013 Courtesy of "The Rothrock Family" on the Fantasy
01/19/2013 Courtesy of "The Thompson Family" 5 night Wonder from Miami
09/22/2012 Courtesy of "The Blake Family" 7 night Magic from Galveston Texas
06/09/2012 Courtesy of "The Takemoto Family" on the Fantasy
10/30/2010 Courtesy of "The Barclay Family"
12/12/2009 Courtesy of "MayKay "
09/05/2009 Courtesy of "The Ted and Debbie Mazurek "
08/22/2009 Courtesy of "The Urmaza Family"
06/13/2009 Courtesy of "The Hartlage Family"
01/24/2009 Our 66th cruise
10/25/2008 Courtesy of "The Vogler Famliy" Halloween Double Castaway Cay
10/03/2008 Courtesy of "The Ziegler Famliy"
09/27/2008 Courtesy of "Jen (nenner1)" Double Castaway Cay
02/23/2008 Courtesy of MayKay
12/01/2007 Our 60th cruise
09/08/2007 Courtsey of "SS Oceanlover"
03/24/2007 Courtsey of "The Verdi Family"
02/24/2007 Courtsey of "PhotoLisa from DIS"
01/13/2007 Courtsey of "The Martin Family from North Carolina"
12/30/2006 Courtesy of "The Spencer Family from Texas" New Years Eve Cruise
12/09/2006 Last "Twice the Magic" Double Castaway Cay of 2006
10/07/2006 Courtesy of "The O'Connell Family from Huntsville, Alabama"
09/09/2006 Courtesy of "Jeffrey Fortin"
05/27/2006 our 50th Cruise "Twice the Magic" Double Castaway Cay
05/06/2006 Courtesy of "The Dansie Group"
03/25/2006 Courtesy of "The Geffric Family" (Costa Maya instead of Cozumel)
03/11/2006 Courtesy of "The Brawley Family" (Costa Maya instead of Cozumel)
12/17/2005 Courtesy of "The Weiss Family" (Costa Maya instead of Cozumel)
11/05/2005 our first call at Costa Maya
09/10/2005 Courtesy of "drclaws and DVCKathy from DIS"
04/09/2005 Courtesy of "The Poet Family"
03/12/2005 Courtesy of "Jim and Julie"
11/06/2004 Courtesy of "The Coryell Family of New Jersey (aka Jerry112)"
08/14/2004 Courtesy of "Laura D (aka Mickey's Dreamers)" Hurricane Charlie/Earl Changed Itinerary
06/19/2004 Courtesy of "drclaws and DVCKathy from DIS"
04/24/2004 Courtesy of "Laura and Ron Barak, aka Lurontravel"
01/17/2004 Courtesy of "Barb, Dick, Mike and Steven Warner from the DIS board"

7-Night Eastern
08/09/2012 Courtesy of "The Takemoto Family" (St Maartin) on the Fantasy
05/19/2012 Courtesy of "The Fortin Family" (Tortola) on the Fantasy
10/22/2011 Courtesy of "The Carmichael Family" (St Maarten)
12/04/2010 Courtesy of "The Blokland Family" (St Maarten)
01/02/2010 Courtesy of "The Quinn Family" (St Maarten)
12/05/2009 Courtesy of "The Knudson Family" (Tortola)
11/07/2009 Courtesy of "The Faletra Family" (St Croix)
08/01/2009 Courtesy of "The Humbert Family" (St Maarten)
07/04/2009 Courtesy of "The Doring Family" (St Maarten)
05/23/2009 Courtesy of "Zazu" (Tortola)
05/09/2009 Courtesy of "The Quinn Family"
02/28/2009 Courtesy of "The Nordby Family from Florida" (St. Croix)
01/19/2008 Courtesy of "The Martin Family from North Carolina"
12/22/2007 Courtesy of "Rember the Magic" Christmas Cruise
11/24/2007 Courtesy of "The Meza Family"
10/13/2007 Courtesy of "Kevin from Arizona"
09/01/2007 Courtesy of "KristinK from Missouri"
01/20/2007 Courtesy of "The Warner Family"
09/02/2006 Courtesy of "Jeffrey Fortin"
04/29/2006 Courtesy of "Barb Novak from Manitoba Canada" (new 2 page TV Guide style navigators)
03/04/2006 Courtesy of "The Verdi Family" (last old style 4 page navigators)
10/15/2005 Courtesy of "Kevin from Arizona - AKA d'Isigny"
09/03/2005 Courtesy of "The Bennett Family"
04/02/2005 Courtesy of "BriarfoxinWA from the DIS board"
02/05/2005 Courtesy of "Denise Calkow praisehisname from the DIS board"
12/18/2004 Special 10 day, Courtesy of "Mark from monorailgreen.info"
12/11/2004 Courtesy of "Richard and Sandra Groves"
11/13/2004 Courtesy of "KyCruiseCrazy & KyCruisinSusan"
05/14/2004 Courtesy of "NYDisneyMom from the DIS board"
02/21/2004 Courtesy of "woody64 on the Dis, aka Bruce"
12/13/2003 Courtesy of "Ann Morin"
08/12/2000 Courtesy of "John Hayes (Towncrier)" First Eastern cruise (added Jan 2010)

Wonder/Dream, 3-Night
02/26/2016 Dream 3 Night from Port Canaveral
06/05/2015 Courtesy of "The Engle Family" Dream from Port Canaveral
05/08/2014 Courtesy of "The Blake Family" Dream from Port Canaveral
01/24/2014 Courtesy of "The Jackson Family" Magic from Port Canaveral
01/19/2012 Courtesy of "The Blumeyer Family"
10/13/2011 Courtesy of "The Vogler Family"
05/05/2011 Courtesy of "The Howard Family"
01/19/2011 Dream Christening Cruise (2 night)
12/02/2010 Courtesy of "The Curci Family"
10/14/2010 Courtesy of "The Vogler Family"
08/27/2009 Courtesy of "The Barclay Family"
07/02/2009 Courtesy of "The Nunez Family"
12/11/2008 Courtesy of "The Nunez Family"
11/13/2008 Courtesy of "The Sheldon Family"
07/03/2008 Courtesy of "The Brown Family"
06/05/2008 Courtesy of "The TCD Family"
02/21/2008 Courtesy of "Steve from Upstate New York"
12/13/2007 Courtesy of "John from Florida"
07/05/2007 Courtesy of "The Nunez Family"
05/12/2007 Courtesy of "Claire Cortez"
02/22/2007 Courtesy of "Cobbo from the DIS boards"
10/19/2006 Courtesy of "Debra of Orlando" (new 4 page format)
05/11/2006 Courtesy of "The Bowen Family"(new format)
01/12/2006 Courtesy of "The Thompson Family"
11/20/2005 Early Thanksgiving
09/29/2005 Courtesty of "Driver from the DIS board"
09/08/2005 Hurricane Ophelia embark in Port Everglades
03/24/2005 Easter cruise
02/03/2005 Our 1st Pirate cruise
12/23/2004 Christmas on Castaway Cay Cruise
11/25/2004 Thanksgiving Cruise
09/09/2004 Hurricane Frances "Day at Sea" instead of Castaway Cay
09/02/2004 Courtesy of "the Krolik family" the never ending 5 night, 3 night hurricane Frances extended cruise

Wonder/Dream, 4/5-Night
12/04/2013 Courtesy of "The Sheldon Family" Magic from Miami
10/26/2013 Courtesy of "The Price Family" 7 Night Bahamas from Galveston
04/28/2013 Courtesy of "The Malone Family"
04/07/2013 Courtesy of "The Judge Family"
12/02/2012 Courtesy of "The Haines Family"
09/30/2012 Courtesy of "The Malone Family"
08/05/2012 Courtesy of "ExRoadie"
06/20/2012 Courtesy of "The Brooks Family"
06/15/2012 Courtesy of "The Brophy Family"
03/13/2012 Courtesy of "The Treen Family"
08/21/2011 Courtesy of "The Music Family"
05/29/2011 Courtesy of "The Clements Family" five night
02/27/2011 Courtesy of "The Galt Family"
01/26/2011 Dream Maiden Voyage
01/03/2011 Courtesy of "The Sanders Family" Magic Special 5 Night
12/12/2010 Last four night on the Wonder
08/22/2010 Courtesy of "The Aguero Family"
06/22/2010 #75 5 Night with stop at Key West
05/30/2010 Courtesy of "The Day Family" 5 Night Double Castaway
03/21/2010 Courtesy of "The Takemoto Family"
12/13/2009 new style navigator for redesigned child program
08/16/2009 Courtesy of "The Hopkins Family"
05/31/2009 Courtesy of "The Palmer Family"
04/19/2009 Courtesy of "The Faletra Family"
05/11/2008 First "Twice the Wonder"
02/17/2008 Courtesy of "The Miller Family"
01/27/2008 Two stops at Castaway Cay, Last performance of Hercules
11/11/2007 Courtesy of "The Floyd Family"
10/21/2007 Courtesy of "Jon and Jill from Windemere" DVC Member Cruise
10/14/2007 Wonder pulled into Castaway Cay
09/09/2007 Courtesy of "MayKay" (Two stops at Castaway Cay)
04/22/2007 Medical Emergency caused itinerary change
03/25/2007 Courtesy of "The Toblin Family" from Hudson Ohio
02/04/2007 Super Bowl (Bears vs Colts)
01/21/2007 Courtesy of GrandFloridian4 (Two stops at Castaway Cay)
01/07/2007 First cruise in 2007
11/05/2006 Courtesy of "Steve M of Fairfax VA"
10/29/2006 Courtesy of "The Floyd Family" (Halloween Cruise)
10/22/2006 DVC Member Cruise (2 stops at Castaway Cay)
10/15/2006 First cruise after dry dock
09/03/2006 last 4 night before dry dock 04/30/2006 Courtesy of "RTPHokie from the DIS board" (new format)
02/05/2006 1st Superbowl cruise
12/18/2005 Courtesy of "Jen and Tom"
11/06/2005 Courtesy of "The Irwin Family"
08/28/2005 Courtesy of "Shauna"
05/08/2005 Courtesy of "The Pabish Family"
03/13/2005 Courtesy of "The Carpenter Family"
02/06/2005 Courtesy of "The Will Family"
12/05/2004 Courtesy of "disneyri, Jay from Rhode Island"
10/31/2004 Courtesy of "The Braun Family"
05/23/2004 Courtesy of "Seastar"
02/29/2004 Courtesy of "Carol Linder/polkadotladybug from the Disboards"
02/01/2004 Courtesy of "The Will Family"

Wonder 7-Night Alaskan
07/25/2016 Courtesy of "The Takemoto Family"

Magic, 12-Night Northern European
07/10/2015 Courtesy of "The Vahling Family"

Magic, 11-Night Norwegian Fjords
06/29/2015 Courtesy of "The Vahling Family"

Magic, 15-Night Eastbound Transatlantic
05/15/2015 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Magic, 7-Night Northern Europe Cruise
05/30/2015 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Magic, 7-Night Norwegian Fjord Cruise
06/06/2015 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Magic, 12-Night Mediterranean (with Greece)
06/15/2013 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Magic, 7-Night Mediterranean
06/08/2013 Courtesy of "The Kay Family"

Magic, 14-Night East Bound Transatlantic
05/18/2013 Courtesy of "The Kay Family"

Magic, 5-Night Canada
09/22/2012 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Wonder, 7-Night Alaska from Seattle
08/20/2012 Courtesy of "The Hasbrooke Family"

Wonder, 15-Night Hawaii
04/29/2012 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Magic, 15-Night East bound Panama Canal Repo from Los Angeles to Port Canaveral
08/17/2008 Our first Panama Crossing

Magic, 15-Night West bound Panama Canal Repo from Port Canaveral to Los Angeles
05/10/2008 Courtesy of "The Bokeno Family"

Magic, 14-Night West bound Transatlantic Repo from Barcelona to Port Canaveral

08/18/2007 Our first 14 night cruise

Magic, 7-Night West Coast Mexican Riviera
05/28/2005 Courtesy of "The Synder Family"

Magic, 14-Night East bound Repo from LA to Port Canaveral

08/20/2005 Courtesy of "Andrew from the UK"

Wonder, 11-Night Eastern
09/17/2006 Courtesy of "The Metcalf Family"

Magic, 10-Night Eastern Christmas Cruise

12/16/2006 Courtesy of "Janie and J.R. from Bolingbrook, IL "

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